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Zulema was created to humanize the interaction with users.

It is a new generation ChatBOT, integrated on a domain-based training platform with data independence from the customer model, secure, scalable and business-focused. It was developed with high-performance languages and uses a platform with secure and scalable infrastructure, which allows reliable and user-friendly pre-training for later deployment in production. This platform integrates with micro services that provide speed and multiple ways to access context and domain information to connect and interact, one of the most common ways would be Whatsapp Business, it is also possible to interact with ZULEMA through API REST interfaces or others. ZULEMA not only provides interaction with the user at an almost human level, but in that process it is possible to detect feelings in the words or audios, thus achieving a much deeper level of accuracy.

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Data collection and analysis

It collects and analyzes data on user interactions. This provides companies with valuable information about customer preferences, behavior patterns, feelings, trends, habits and needs, which in turn helps in making strategic business decisions and improving products and services.


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24/7 customer service, without human intervention. It allows companies to provide constant support to their customers, respond quickly to queries and resolve problems efficiently, thus improving user satisfaction.

It provides instant and accurate answers to frequently asked questions and common queries. This reduces wait times and improves the customer experience by providing them with the information they need quickly and efficiently.

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Generates significant savings in a company’s operating costs. By automating customer service tasks, the resources needed to hire and train additional personnel are reduced, which in turn allows those resources to be allocated to other strategic areas.

Highly scalable, it can handle multiple conversations simultaneously without compromising quality of service. This allows companies to handle large volumes of queries and serve a larger number of customers seamlessly.

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Customer interactions can be personalized. Through data analysis and machine learning, adaptive to individual customer preferences and needs, providing personalized responses and recommendations.